Max Bouvet - Seascape

Max Bouvet - Seascape


French 19th century impressionist painting depicting a sailing along the French coast while the sun is setting. 


The sunset beautifully fills the sky a warm pink hues, which are reflecting on the gentle waves of the calm water. In the middle of the composition there's a sailing boat sailing through the water, perhaps heading to the shore for the night, while in the far distance one can see the shimmering silhouette of a small town. This lovely impressionist painting is a peaceful seascape and beautiful reflection of life in France.


Max Bouvet was a French painter born in La Rochelle in 1854. Bouvet is mainly known for his seascapes in an impressionist and, later in his career, post-impressionist style, often illustrating Breton and Vendean panoramas.


The painting without frame measures ca 41 by 32 cms and with the frame ca. 60 by 51 cms. Housed in a beautifully matching Montparnasse frame.


Signed lower right. Likely late 19th century or early 20th.