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Bruno Boucquillon - A Shepherdess

Bruno Boucquillon - A Shepherdess


19th Century Genre Painting - Shepherds With Their Flock Of Sheep - Orientalist


This lovely romantic 19th century painting depicts shepherds resting with their flock

A shepherdess in a white dress caresses one of the sheep, the animal gazing happily at her. The shepherd watches the endearing scene while in the background the sun can be seen coloring the sky with warm shades of red and pink.

Bruno Boucquillon (1816-1878) was a renowned Belgian painter and poet. He studied at the Academies of Courtrai and Antwerp under Gustaaf de Wapper and Nicaise de Keyser and one of his paintings is exhibited in the collection of the Museum of Courtrai.

The dimensions of the panel are approx. 62 by 50 cm and with the frame approximately 80 by 68cms.

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