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Gaspard Pieter Verbruggen I - Flower garlands with roses and butterflies

Gaspard Pieter Verbruggen I - Flower garlands with roses and butterflies


Pair of large and opulent 17th century Flemish flower garlands by Gaspar Pieter Verbruggen I


Our paintings depicts an opulent floral arrangement consisting of, amongst others, roses, tulips and peonies.  Gaspar Peeter Verbruggen the Elder, born in Antwerp in 1635 and passing away in 1681, was a renowned Flemish artist specialized in floral paintings and garland compositions. Baptized in St. James' Church, his father's profession as a gardener likely fueled his passion for depicting flowers. He started as a pupil under Cornelis Mahu, eventually becoming a master of the Guild of Saint Luke. His first marriage to Catharina van Zeverdonck resulted in 11 children, and after her passing, he married Sara Catharina Raeps. Verbruggen's success as an artist is evident from his estate's assets, including multiple houses and valuable possessions. He left a legacy through his pupils and collaborations, particularly in 'garland paintings', a style originating in Antwerp in the 17th century. These paintings typically featured flower or fruit garlands encircling religious or portrait elements, evolving to encompass various subjects like portraits, myths, and allegorical scenes. Our paintings are prime examples of this. His works can be found in several museums and distinguished private collections.


Literature on the artist:

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Provenance: French private collection


The right painting is signed in the middle.


Measurements: Each canvas measures ca. 88 by 69 and with frame ca. 108 by 89cms


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