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Portrait of the wine merchant Caspar Roemerskirchen, 1628

Portrait of the wine merchant Caspar Roemerskirchen, 1628


17th century German portrait of the wine merchant Caspar Roemerskirchen at the age of 26 in 1628, attributed to Gottfried de Wedig


This highly decorative portrait depicts the 26 year old Caspar Roemerskirchen, wearing an intricate jacket made of a luxurious black fabric, which is stiffened and shaped to perfectly fit his silhouette. It is adorned with an opulent collar, which at the time was a true status symbol, worn to emphasise the refined class and social status of the sitter. In his hands he is holding luxurious soft leather gloves. The vivid green drapery and table cloth add further vivacity to the portrait. His ice blue eyes appear to be shimmering with a life-like quality. Gottfried de Wedig (also known as Gotthardt) was a German painter born in 1583 in Cologne. His grandfather was the celebrated artist Barthel Bruyn the Younger, who probably taught him to paint. Gottfried is particularly remembered for portraits and still-lifes. De Wedig's portraits of the upper class in Cologne offer valuable glimpses into the social fabric and cultural ambiance of the period. By immortalizing notable figures, De Wedig not only preserved their identities but also recorded the prevailing power dynamics and societal norms. In addition to their aesthetic value, his portraits also serve as historical artifacts, providing insights into the fashion, lifestyle, and aspirations of his sitters. Beyond their documentary value, Wedig's legacy resonates through his artistic mastery and his ability to capture emotion endow his portraits with a timeless allure. The paintings transcend mere representation; they serve as windows to a bygone era, offering enduring reflections on the human condition and the transformative power of art across time.


We would like to thank the art historian Mr. Thurner for proposing the attribution to de Wedig after examination of the present painting on high-resolution photographs. 


His works have been included in notable museums and collections including in: Louvre (Paris), Wallraf-Richartz-Museum (Cologne) and the Kölnisches Stadtmuseum (Cologne).


Measurements: The board measures ca. 97 by 75 cms and with frame ca. 115 by 93 cms.



Private collection Germany (as Franz Kessler)


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